About Damon

Pianist, Singer, Songwriter, and Educator Damon Carter was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. Damon began studying piano at the age of 6. Though classically trained on the piano, he learned gospel music as a youngster playing the piano and organ in church every Sunday. In addition to these experiences, Damonís father imparted the blues and jazz to him through musical legends like Ray Charles, Jimmy Smith, and Duke Ellington. These influences led to further studies in jazz piano and ultimately admission to Berklee College of Music.

After earning a Bachelor of Music from Berklee, Damon went on to perform on Bostonís hotel circuit as a solo pianist and singer. During this time, he joined the band EYE2EYE. The bandís tremendous success throughout the 1990ís (3 time Boston Music Award winners) opened many doors; songwriting, music production, composing for television, touring parts of North America and Europe. Later, through a publishing deal with Sony Music, Damon co-wrote songs for artists such as The Backstreet Boys, Queen Latifah, Lisa Lisa, and the soundtrack for the MTV feature film Save The Last Dance 2.

Most recently, Damon earned a Master of Education degree in school administration. He has also released his second solo album entitled Damon Carter Volume 1: Earth, Wind, and Fire, a tribute to the legendary super group. In addition, he performs with the jazz quintet, First Take, and is the featured pianist on First Takeís two CD releases.

As an educator, Damon Carter has taught piano, voice, and K-12 music at various schools in Massachusetts for the past 15 years. He still performs regularly with EYE2EYE, who appeared in the 2011 romantic comedy Whatís Your Number starring Anna Faris and Chris Evans.